We provide the hostel facility to our students so that they can come from different parts of India and study here. We are the best School with Hostel Facility in Bongaigaon.


Admission to the hostel is granted on the basis of merit (in the admission test conducted by the school). Seats are allotted to the students by the school. A Hostel form along with a agreement form to be filled up at the time of School admission. Admission to the hostel is granted for full one academic session. Hostel fees are payable in advance for this duration. There will be no refund of hostel fees.


There are some Hostel Rules which must be followed and this is reason, we are the best School with Hostel Facility in Bongaigaon. Parents are requested to follow the under mentioned guidelines:

  1. Parents should meet their wards only on the specified day (First and third Sunday of the month during the visiting hours only), except in emergency.
  2. Parents/guardian can meet their wards only in the reception area.
  3. In case parents wish their wards to come or go with someone else, that person should carry the authority letter along with his photograph or any identity proof and signature.
  4. Parents may meet the Principal/other authorities on working days.
  5. In case of emergency the parents should contact the hostel warden.
  6. Parents must not give cash, expensive gift items and eatables from outside to their wards.
  7. Parents/Guardian must ensure that his ward returns to school in time after every vacation/leave.
  8. Parents are not supposed to lend their mobiles to their wards.
  9. Original letters with signature of parents, will only be accepted, for any reason whatsoever.
  10. Parents should attend all Parent-teacher meet, for the betterment of the child.
  11. Parents/guardians of the students are informed over the telephone in case of serious illness or accident.
  12. School does not accept responsibility, legal or otherwise in case of accident or illness. It, however, takes all necessary steps to prevent such happenings.
  13. In all matters pertaining to studies, discipline, behaviour and welfare of the students, the Principal's decision is final and binding on the parents/guardians.
  14. Surprise check will be made by the competent authority appointed by the Principal. Extra items, other than those permitted by the school will be confiscated.
  15. No permission will be granted to any student living in hostel for spending night out on weekends unless the parent themselves are available in the town and the student living in hostel stays with them.
  16. No oral exemptions will be accepted. All exemptions must be obtained in writing and submitted and recorded with the concerned official.
  17. When the student returns from home after long illness, he/she must bring a fitness certificate from the doctor, who has treated him.
  18. The school/hostel administration, teachers and any other authority authorised by the Principal will assign consequences for violation of hostel and school rules and the code of conduct or expected student behaviour.
  19. No student living in hostel is allowed to any cash/ATM Card or mobile sim card in their possession and no valuable things should be possessed by them while staying in hostel.