For admission into HS First year, students will have to apply in the prescribed form with necessary qualification. Form with Information Brochures can be obtained personally from the college by paying Rs. 300/- in cash or through post by sending a Demand Draft of Rs. 350/- in favour of the Director, aim ACADEMY (AIMA), Dolaigaon, Bongaigaon, Assam, payable at Bongaigaon. Application form may also be downloaded from the School website . In this case the form should be submitted along with Rs.300/- to the School office.
Students may also apply online through the School own website paying necessary fees online.
For HS First Year Science, an admission test would be conducted. The selection of student will be strictly on admission test cum merit (Score of Science and Mathematics) basis.
However, no admission test will be conducted for Admission into HS First Year Arts and Commerce stream. The selection list will be prepared on merit cum category basis.


One can apply for Admission into HS First year who attain the minimum qualifying marks (%) as follows :
ARTS 50%


  1. Duly filed in forms must be deposited in the School within the prescribed date along with the relevant documents mentioned below.
    • One copy of Class X Mark Sheet (HSLC or CBSE or Equivalent).
    • One copy of Admit Card.
    • Character Certificate from Head of the Institution last attended.
    • Pass/Provisional Certificate.
    • Registration Certificate.
    • Original migration Certificate.
    • Four passport size photograph (To be affixed on the form).
    • Gap Certificate from Head of the Institution last attended.
    • Caste Certificate (If required).
  2. Selected candidates must bring all original documents at the time of admission.
  3. Students migrating from other Boards than SEBA, shall have to produce migration certificate within one month of the admission.
  4. No student will be admitted in more than one stream.
  5. Students who pass the qualifying examination earlier than current year will have to submit a “Gap Certificate” by the head of the institution last attended or by any gazetted officer at the time of admission.
  6. In case of online application, the hard copy of necessary documents must reach to the School office within prescribed date.


  1. Students having attendance less than 90 % as well as poor performance in the MUTE and MOCT examination are liable to be disallowed to sit in the final Examinations (Conducted by AHSEC). A fine of Rs. 100.00 (One Hundred) will be charged per day for absence.
  2. All students must attend classes regularly with Proper School Uniform and they must bring Identity Card issued by the School daily. Winter Uniform must be used from 1st December to 28th February.
  3. Necessary fees must be paid at the time of admission. (Admission, Laboratory & Tuition fees).
  4. Tuition fees must be paid regularly by 7th Day of every month.
  5. Tuition Fees is to be paid for the whole session from JUNE to MAY. No application for refund of money will be entertained in case of leaving or being ordered to leave the School before the end of an Academic Session. No reduction in fees for the students joining late.
  6. A fine of Rs. 500.00 (Five Hundred) will be charged for guilty of unauthorized writing of anything on the Desk, Bench, Wall, Board etc.
  7. A fine of Rs. 1000.00 (One Thousand) will be charged for guilty of unauthorized using of mobile, laptops, musical instruments in the School Campus.
  8. A fine of Rs. 1000.00 (One Thousand) will be charged for guilty of Consumption or possession of any toxic substances like Guthka, Sadha, Bidi, Cigarettes, Opium, Alcoholic beverages etc. inside the School Campus.
  9. A fine of Rs. 1000.00 (One Thousand) will be charged if a student found guilty of involving in Ragging of juniors.
  10. If any student fails to attend classes within 15 days of commencement of session without information and permission shall forfeit his/her seat.
  11. A fine of Rs. 100.00 per subject will be charged for absent in MUTE or MOCT Examination.
  12. Students causing damage to any property of the School will be penalized with cost and fine.
  13. In no circumstances Students are allowed to go out of campus. Loitering outside the campus with uniform during School hours is liable to punish or to pay a fine of Rs. 500.00.
  14. The School authority shall have the right to check day scholars before entering the gate as and when felt necessary.
  15. Students irregular in theory classes will be debarred from doing practical classes.
  16. Parents/Guardians must attend at the Parent Teacher Meeting in the interest of the child as well as of the Academy.
  17. A student could not involve affairs (Love) with girls/boys of this college; if found, he/she will be discharged.
  18. Don’t show rowdy behaviour and disrespect to teachers & authorities. It may cause expulsion from the School.
  19. Don’t bring Motor Bikes to the College (Since ages don’t permit You).
  20. For any complaint against a fellow student or anybody else a student, must approach the authority and in no case a student should quarrel with or assault anybody.
  21. If the behaviour of any student is found detrimental to the discipline of the School campus, the student may be debarred from the rolls and send away without any prior information.
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