Students must come to School in proper uniform following the uniform code as set by the School. The following patterns of uniforms are prescribed by the School.
Striped pink coloured shirt with half or
full sleeves and one pocket with School
Emblem affixed.
Maroon coloured pant with two pockets.
Striped pink coloured Kamez with full
sleeves having School Emblem affixed.
Maroon coloured Pyjama or Salwar with
Dotted dupatta.
Black shoes with laces and Maroon
coloured Socks.
Black Coat, Maroon Sweaters,Pink
Laboratory Coat, House T-Shirt, Belt,Tie,
etc. to be arranged by the School.
Black shoes with laces and Maroon
coloured Socks.
Black Coat, Maroon Sweaters, Pink
Laboratory Coat, House T-Shirt, Belt, Tie,
etc. to be arranged by the School.


  1. If any students fails to attend classes within 15 days of commencement of session without information and permission shall forfeit his/ her seat.
  2. All students must attend classes regularly with Proper School Uniform and they must bring Identity Card issued by the School daily.
  3. Students found guilty of involving in any form of Ragging will be punished.
  4. Use or possession of Mobile, Laptops, CD, Musical instruments, Arms & explosives may lead to temporary/permanent expulsion from the School.
  5. Consumption or possession of any toxic substances like Guthka, Bidi, Cigarettes, Opium, Alcoholic beverages etc. are strictly prohibited and violation of it may lead to expulsion of the student on temporary or permanent basis as decided by the Authority of the School.
  6. Student found engaging in unlawful activities in and around the campus will be terminated without any prior notice.
  7. Students having attendance less than 80 % will be liable to be disallowed to sit in the final Examinations.
  8. Winter Uniform must be used from 1st December to 28th February.
  9. Students are not allowed to go out during School hours.
  10. Loitering outside the campus in uniform during School hours is liable to punish or to pay a fine of Rs. 500.00.
  11. Students found indulging in improper behavior towards teachers, vandalism, immoral activities damage of School properties may cause to suspension from classes or expulsion from the School depending on the nature and extent of the misconduct.
  12. Student expelled from the Academy on disciplinary ground shall not get back to the Academy.
  13. Any damage done to the property of the School shall have to be compensated individually or collectively as may be the case.
  14. In matter of any disciplinary action, the decision of the authority of the School shall be final and binding.
  15. If any document or information produced by the student at the time of admission is found incorrect or false he/she forfeit his/her seat immediately. Fees taken for admission will not be refunded.
  16. All students must abide by the rules and regulations of the Academy and any other order that may be issued from time to time by the Authority.
  17. The School authority shall have the right to check day scholars before entering the gate as and when felt necessary.
  18. Students irregular in theory classes will be debarred from doing practical classes.
  19. Submission of Practical Note Book after every experiment is a must. Failure to submit note books regularly will invite punishment including expulsion from practical class.
  20. The authority reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations as and when felt necessary.
  21. Parent-Teacher Meet is held regularly. Parents/Guardians must attend at the Parent Teacher Meeting in the interest of the child as well as of the Academy. However the child’s performance is appraised to parents on a regular basis during the Second Saturday of every month.
  22. No reduction in fees for the students joining late.